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“As anyone who has ever faced them knows, foot problems are annoying, distracting, and painful. Dr. Kominsky is my hero. He saw me, diagnosed my problem, decided on a course of treatment, implemented it, solved my problem, and even followed up. Most importantly, he cared — and that is what you hope for in a medical professional. Dr. Kominsky and his staff are responsive, experienced, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. I am grateful.”

Robert Barnett

“I had left foot surgery on August 23rd done by Dr. Stephen Kominsky. He removed a bunion, took a wedge out of the big to staighten it and corrected a problem with the bone leading into the little toe. I went home in a surgical shoe without a cast. The foot was numb from Wednesday morning until late Thursday afternoon. I only had to take 3 pain pills before I switched to Tylenol on Friday. The stitches were removed on September 19th and I returned to normal showers! I am doing well. Previously (with another doctor), I had 2 surgeries (2000 and 2002) on the right foot. I was in a non-weight bearing cast with crutches for 7 weeks. The pain was excruciating and I had 2 rounds of Percoset (sp?) over a seven-day period. Two years later I went through additional surgery because the first surgery did not correct the problems. I wish that I had known about Dr. Kominsky before I had these surgeries!”

S. Perry (October 9, 2006)

“I am now walking pain free!! After having surgery several years ago for a Metatarsal Neuroma, the pain returned. Convinced that I would have to have another operation, I went to see Dr. Kominsky who recommended a series of injections rather than surgery. Now after 3 injections, I have no pain in my foot and am able to walk pain free with or without shoes. I would highly recommend this doctor and this procedure to any who is having a problem like I used to have. It has been wonderful to me.”

B. Marosy, Rockville, Maryland

“I had struggled with a bunion for a number of years, trying orthotics which worked for a time. But it kept getting worse until finally I couldn’t find shoes wide enough to fit. I knew the only recourse was a fairly radical surgical procedure which was the reason I put it off for so long. I was surprised that the process was nearly painless. I expected it to be much worse. I was given a ‘Q pump’ to take home following surgery. It automatically delivered medication to the areas of the incision which meant it stayed numb and painless for the first 2 days. I never needed to take the oral painkiller prescribed by the Doctor. I highly recommend having this procedure.”

D. McKern

“After more than a month of wearing these orthotics, I feel great because they provide much support, especially on the arch, heel and ankle. I like wearing them because they are comfortable and in fact, on many occasions, I prefer wearing shoes rather than go barefoot when I am at home. In addition, I know some other people (my sister and boss) who also claim that these products help alleviate their foot problems.”

J. Wong

“Before the treatment, my feet were so painful that I could not walk for 5 minutes. When the treatment was completed, I could walk for 45 minutes without pain. Unconditional recommendation!”

G. Gorlitzz

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