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New Lapiplasty®

Welcome to the first edition of *Lapiplasty® Insider!* This inaugural edition features *new patient education tools now available for your practice.

In addition to an intensive surgeon training schedule, a key initiative for our company this year is to provide resources to help educate your patients on the Lapiplasty® three-dimensional correction procedure. With this in mind, *we have developed three helpful patient education tools: an educational video, a trifold brochure and a “Patients” tab on our website.

1 – Lapiplasty® Patient Education Video*
This animated video explains the nature of the bunion deformity and the
benefits of 3D correction using straightforward analogies. A great tool to
post on your Facebook page (you can copy and paste this link:
https://vimeo.com/199272477) or practice website, as well as on iPads to
show patients before you consult them regarding the Lapiplasty® Procedure.

*2 – Lapiplasty® Patient Education Brochure*
This is a great tool to use in your clinics to explain the Lapiplasty®
Procedure to patients, and to distribute to primary care physicians to help
educate them as well. These brochures are printed and available for you,
with a blank section to place a label with your practice information.
Please contact your local sales representative or Josh Register (
[email protected]) to request them.

*3 – “Patients” Page on Lapiplasty.com <http://lapiplasty.com/>*
Go to Lapiplasty.com/Patients
The “Patients” page on our website offers educational information on the
Lapiplasty® Procedure and includes a “Find a Surgeon” feature so patients
can find Lapiplasty® surgeons in their area. Please contact Josh Register (
[email protected]) if you are trained and not on the surgeon locator.

If you would like to integrate any of these tools into your websites,
please contact Josh Register ([email protected]) and we can assist with
that process as well.

Featured Lapiplasty® Case
16 year old female with a large frontal-plane rotational deformity (note:
lateral rounding of metatarsal head and sesamoid position on AP; metatarsal
pronation without sesamoid subluxation on axial view) addressed with
the Lapiplasty® Procedure (5 mo follow up).

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